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How do you authenticate that an item of Santa Clara Black

Pottery is made by Native American artisans? 

How to determine that an item of pottery signed

by the artisan is authentic?



Some stores in Santa Fe, New Mexico are selling imported copies of Native American crafts, including pottery, as genuine Native American made items. These include Philippine, Mexican, Chinese, and other foreign copies of the various Pueblos, Hopi, Navajo, and Indian Nations across the country. 70% to 90% discounts are offered to buyers by these merchants on these foreign copies which is a con game and strangers to the arts can easily be fooled.         

We suggest that, if an interested buyer is not familiar with the pottery or artists who make them, and cannot trust a dealer, then it is best to go where they can meet artists and see their work before they buy.  Pottery artists in the Pueblos welcome strangers and we, at the Toni Roller Studio and Gallery at Santa Clara Pueblo, can help with authentic Pueblo Indian Pottery.( See "Visit Us" page).  We need people in Authority who will support all Native American Artists and protect them, and the public, from fraudulent dealers, with harsher laws and fines.


"I came to Santa Fe specifically looking for a beautiful piece of Black Santa Clara Pottery.  I was concerned about making sure I purchased an authenticated work of art.  I searched online and in the telephone book.  I saw Toni Roller's Studio in the Santa Clara Pueblo near Espanola and made it the first stop on my list.  It was also my only stop.  I found the most beautiful piece of pottery and met the finest family whose work far exceeded my expectations.  I would recommend you visit local artists before any galleries to ensure that your choices are from authentic local artisans." 

 Kathleen Sullivan Kerwin